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As part of developing websites we never wanted to allow there to be any unnecessary data collection by especially Google or Facebook. Because of this we use tools like matomo instead of google analytics and so on.

Because of this we decided that we wanted to make it very easy for us, to embed an Apple Maps map on any website. All of this was only made possible about half a year earlier, when Apple released MapsKit JS at their 2018 WWDC.

The Block itself allows you to select the type of map, wether you want to show any controls, allow interactions, search for any place, edit the marker placed on the map and if the search isn’t enough edit the latitude & longitude of the marker placed on the map.

The Block is not at the point where we wanted to release it to the WordPress Plugin repository, but it is open-source on GitHub and hopefully will be released to the repository once the overall user experience is a bit more refined.

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arvernus-apple-maps-block (this link opens in a new window) by Arvernus (this link opens in a new window)

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin that offers an Apple Map Block to embed Apple Maps content on the site.