I’m currently working as a Front-end Engineer crafting web experiences at 10up.


Arvernus GmbH – Co-Executive Director / Co-Founder / Lead Developer

This Job was split into three fields. Managing the Business, making Movies and working with different clients, mostly small businesses , to build about 28 WordPress websites with 20+ custom themes, some of them for WooCommerce Stores, and 20+ custom „Gutenberg“ blocks. Besides that I was in charge of DevOps, supporting all out website clients with their sites and building tools like our custom WordPress Update Repository or a Node tool to manipulate gcode.

“12 Week JavaScript for WP Bootcamp” by Zac Gordon – Teacher Assistant

Mentored and supported 60+ students in understanding and completing JavaScript concepts and exercises as they completed the bootcamp.

Private Gymnasium Weierhof – Workgroup Lead

Team lead of 10 Students. We were in charge of all the lights and sound equipment of our school. Managing all events happening on campus. Besides managing the events, teaching new students all about the fiield of live productions was my main goal.

Open Source

In the last two years I’ve started to fall in love with open source and the possibilities it brings with it. I’m very happy to have a couple of merged PR’s in Gutenberg, TwentyNineteen and TwentyTwenty. And am looking forward to expanding that list further in the future 🙂